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The Inventory of Clementia of Hungary

Queen of France and Navarre

Born 1293 - Died 1328 

Queen Clementia is best known for a rare and remarkable inventory that was made of her belongings.

The ninety-nine-page document provides detailed descriptions of items such as:

- Reliquaries
- Artworks
- Silver sculptures
- Decorative textiles
- Jewels
- Clothing
- Manuscripts (she had over forty)

The inventory is particularly valuable as it often states where she acquired her objects and who received them after her death.


Image: Clementia of Hungary weds Louis X of France


A reeve oversees a group of serfs as they harvest wheat with reaping-hooks.  Miniature by the “Queen Mary Master” , ca. 1310, from a medieval Psalter, known as “Queen Mary’s Psalter”.  The manuscript may have originally been made for Isabella of France, consort of King Edward II of England; it owes its present name to the fact that it came into the possession of Queen Mary I in 1553.  British Library, MS Royal 2 B VII fol. 78v.

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